About Us

What’s in a name?

Joe B is how many of my friends have referred to me over the years. Joseph is a pretty common name and there are a lot of us that go by Joe. I was the only one that had a last name starting with B in my grade school and high school. So Joe B was the shortest and easiest way to refer to me and it stuck.

Crafts is what I do. The definition of crafts is exercise skill in making and an activity involving skill in making things by hand. Woodworking is my passion but I also possess skill in other mediums too. I believe it is important to be a Renaissance Man and therefore I can sew, paint, cook, general handyman things, some electrical work, computer aided drafting, computer coding, etc.

What is JoeBcrafts?

This company is my creative outlet. I have always liked to make things I need. Family and close friends have often asked me to build or help them with something. I enjoy seeing the happiness that doing my craft can bring and therefore I now want to expand the reach. It is a little selfish too of course, because by helping you and yours I can buy more tools (woodworker toys) and do more and varied things.

Latest Projects and News

Knock-down Workbench from Plan

Knock-down Workbench Plan

Because my shop currently is also my garage, I need all of my tools and work surfaces to be portable. I built a knock-down workbench so that I could easily …

Entryway Bench by back door

Entryway Bench

Whichever door that your family ends up using as the main entry, the immediate area around it becomes cluttered with shoes and other things. My sister-in-law commissioned me to build …

Stained Sign Board Prototypes

Wooden Sign Blanks

There are a lot of parties these days that involve doing a group craft. A Wooden Sign with either free-hand or stenciled lettering has joined canvas, pottery, and wine glass …

JoeBcrafts Art Canvas Drying Rack Blueprint

Art Canvas Drying Rack

This Art Canvas Drying Rack can hold 5 of your works. The design makes it versatile enough to hold many different sizes of canvas as well. Shown in the picture …