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Basement Bar Build

Finished Bar Pic 4
Finished Bar Pic 3
The Finished Bar

When you enjoy having big gatherings, you need to have a place for everyone to sit and visit. The original bar in this basement wasn’t large enough for more than a few people, and so it was time to replace it with something new. This article details the design and build process of the new basement bar.

Existing Bar

The existing basement bar, while better than no bar at all, never provided the homeowners the entertaining environment they desired. There was a small top, no storage, and most importantly only fit 3 maybe 4 people at once.

New Basement Bar Design

Firstly, decisions were made about the features the new bar would need.

  • Seating for 8 or more with an ability to talk to more than just who is next to you
  • Maintain walkway to the door that goes out to the deck
  • Storage for glasses, tools, bottles of alcohol, and 12 packs of soda
  • A bar rail along the top like at commercial bars/restaurants
Bar Design New Plan
Bar Design New Plan

The customers chose the above design as it met all of their criteria. People around the bar can converse with those next to them as well as across the way. There is space for 9 around the outside of the bar and the “bartender” brings the total to 10.

New Basement Bar Construction

It is time to build the vision, and the biggest challenge for this project was that the bar needed to be built off site in the shop, brought into the basement (max 3′ wide x 7′ tall pieces), and then finish the assembly. Therefore the 2×4 frame was 4 segmented pieces (two straights, the u, and the l) and the top and surfaces inside the “U” were only temporarily held in place before packing it all up.

Finished Bar Ready to Party

The customer did the finish work of staining and sealing the bar, and then it was ready for parties.

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