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Cedar Raised Bed Garden Planter DIY

A pair of cedar wood raised beds for your garden

It is almost Mother’s Day, and that means you can begin to think about planting things in a garden. A raised bed planter is a great way to grow vegetables or even just beautiful plants to look at. These cedar raised bed garden planters are easy to DIY.

A pair of cedar wood raised beds for your garden
A pair of cedar wood raised beds for your garden.

Materials for the Raised Bed

Cedar is naturally a rot resistant material and so it makes a great choice for your garden planter. In order to build this 5′ long x 3′ wide x14.5″ tall raised bed, you will need the following items:

  • (4) 1x8x8′ cedar boards
  • (1) 4x4x8′ cedar post
  • (48) 2″ exterior wood screws

If cedar is not available, there are other choices too such as composite decking. Pine lumber can be used but it needs to have a water resistant finish applied (before assembly) or it won’t last long. It is not recommended to use treated lumber unless this is only for a flower garden.

Tools Needed

I used my miter saw to cut all of the pieces, but even a hand saw can make it through cedar easily. You will also need a drill and a drill bit. Cedar is a very soft wood and you want to make sure to drill pilot holes. This is so that screwing the board to the post doesn’t split the board. Depending on your choice of screws, you will need a screwdriver or whatever driving bit for your drill that matches the screw head.

Parts List

There are only a few parts to this garden planter.

  • (4) 3′ short boards
  • (4) 5′ long boards
  • (6) 14.5″ tall posts
Parts for a Pair of Planters

Each of the 1x8x8′ boards gets cut once to make a 3′ short board and a 5′ long board. Cut the 4x4x8′ into the six 14.5″ long posts.

Assembly of the Raised Bed

I took the time to plane and sand off all the sharp edges on all the boards and posts but this is not necessary. Drill a pair of holes near the ends and in the middle of each board. The holes at the end should be about 2″ from all of the edges to help make sure that the cedar wood won’t split. Screw the boards to all the posts and you’re done.


If you’re not the DIY type and live in and around Indianapolis, IN I can build these for you and deliver them. Just contact me via email, DM on Instagram or Facebook.

This is my post about the planters on Instagram: Cedar Planter

This is my post about the planters on Facebook: Cedar Planter

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Palletwood Stove Top Cover

Palletwood Stove Top Cover Chevron Design
Palletwood Stove Top Cover Chevron Design
Chevron Design Palletwood Stove Top Cover

This stove top cover features a chevron pattern of various palletwood slats. Featured in the pattern are some pieces of red oak, light brown/green poplar, and white colored ash. The pallet slats are attached to a piece of plywood and has a frame of pine stained with colonial pine water based stain. Make an interior design statement while creating more counter space and protecting the surface of your ceramic stove top.

Stove Top Covers Available for Purchase

This unique cover can be purchased in my Etsy shop. Also available at Etsy is the personalized stove top cover. If there is something else you’d like, I will also make something completely custom.

Finally, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see what other things I am currently making and have made in the past.

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Wooden Stove Top Cover

Stove Top Cover in Colonial Pine Stain with Personalized Carve
Stove Top Cover Colonial Pine Stain Personalized with C
A stove top cover in Colonial Pine stain with the Personalized Carve using a C.

Create extra counter space and protect your glass/ceramic top with a decorative wooden stove top cover. The stove cover is available in many different stain colors. The carving can be the standard wreath with a personalized letter or something completely custom. In addition, the size can be adjusted to meet your needs. All of these features for one price.

These make great housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, or for a fifth anniversary since that is traditionally wood.


  • Pine boards are use and the standard size of 30″x22″ will have 4 horizontal pieces and the two handle supports.
  • The boards are assembled with yellow wood glue and small nails.
  • Handles are zinc with a black finish.
  • Water based stain in your choice of color.
  • The entire cover is finished with several coats of a water based polyurethane.
  • Self adhesive felt pads are put on the back to protect your stove top surface.

Stain Colors Available

These are the standard color choices as of 2020.

There are many stain colors to choose from for your stove top cover. The in-stock colors are: Charcoal Grey, Slate Grey, Whitewash, Walnut, Colonial Pine, Harvest Gold, Barn Red, Terracotta, and Classic Grey. Other colors can be requested. All colors are from Minwax Water Based color chart. The carving in the cover will be the natural pine (except for whitewash which gets black paint). There is the option to have the carving painted black or white for the other colors.

Customization Welcome

Because these items are made to order, making them custom is not a problem. Below are a sample of the different designs that have been made so far.

Where to Buy

You can purchase this item in my Etsy shop or at Amazon Handmade. The listing is set up for the standard options of colors and selecting the initial to carve in the wreath, but send me a message to discuss what to enter for custom requests. Those local to Indianapolis/Brownsburg/Zionsville contact me via email, Facebook, or Instagram to purchase a local pickup/delivery.

Be sure to follow JoeBcrafts on Instagram and Facebook to see the latest designs and the other things I make.