About JoeBcrafts

What’s in a name?

Joe B and Gnot Garage Gnome

Joe B

is how many of my friends have referred to me over the years. Joseph is a pretty common name and there are a lot of us that go by Joe. I was the only one that had a last name starting with B in my grade school and high school. So Joe B was the shortest and easiest way to refer to me and it stuck.


is what I do. Woodworking is my passion, but I also possess skill in other mediums too. I believe it is important to be a Renaissance Man and therefore I can sew, paint, cook, general handyman things, some electrical work, computer aided drafting, computer coding, etc.

Craft: an activity involving skill in making things by hand

What is JoeBcrafts?

This company is my creative outlet. I have always liked to make things I need. Family and close friends have often asked me to build or help them with something. I enjoy seeing the happiness that doing my craft can bring and therefore I now want to expand the reach. It is a little selfish too of course, because by helping you and yours I can buy more tools (woodworker toys) and do more and varied things.