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Palletwood Stove Top Cover

Palletwood Stove Top Cover Chevron Design
Palletwood Stove Top Cover Chevron Design
Chevron Design Palletwood Stove Top Cover

This stove top cover features a chevron pattern of various palletwood slats. Featured in the pattern are some pieces of red oak, light brown/green poplar, and white colored ash. The pallet slats are attached to a piece of plywood and has a frame of pine stained with colonial pine water based stain. Make an interior design statement while creating more counter space and protecting the surface of your ceramic stove top.

Stove Top Covers Available for Purchase

This unique cover can be purchased in my Etsy shop. Also available at Etsy is the personalized stove top cover. If there is something else you’d like, I will also make something completely custom.

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