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Knock-down Workbench Plan

Knock-down Workbench from Plan

Because my shop currently is also my garage, I need all of my tools and work surfaces to be portable. I built a knock-down workbench so that I could easily setup and take down a work area. The following details what you can find in the workbench plan PDF at the end of this post.

Portable Knock-down Workbench being used in my shop

Portable Knock-down Workbench Plan

The design uses just 2×4 lumber, some screws, and in my case a plywood top. I used new materials, but this could easily be built with reclaimed or construction lumber. The workbench consists of 5 pieces; 2 legs, 2 stretchers, and a top.

Pieces of the Workbench

All of the parts for the legs can be cut from (5) 2x4x8′ lumber. Making the notches can be done using a bandsaw, jigsaw, or hand saw and chisel.

Cut List for Workbench

The following picture shows the legs and stretchers put together.

Putting the Legs of the Workbench Together.

Below is a link to a PDF of the plans that contain more detail:

Portable Knock-down Workbench Plan PDF download link

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