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Welcome to, I am Joe B.

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“A Mechanical Engineer by day.
A Woodworker at play.”

I am a Mechanical Engineer and in my spare time I like to do woodworking projects. They might be small trinkets, furniture, or other things that someone needs. Creating things has always been something I enjoy. As a kid I played with Lego, Tinkertoy, and built things from scrap pieces of wood. There were plenty of tools in the garage since my dad was a Mechanical Engineer, had a go-karting hobby, and is a DIY handyman. At first I only got to play with the handsaw and hammer, but as I got older I was allowed to use the power tools. I helped dad build decks, build a 3 car detached garage, and many other home improvement projects. There is just something about being able to point at something and say “I made that.”

For my own home, I have built several pieces of furniture. My first pieces were a pair of end tables and a sofa table. I then built an entertainment center. When my kids were in the Thomas the Train phase, I built them a table for the train set. Now it is used as a Lego table. The in-laws have a couple furniture pieces. My most recent furniture pieces are the 4 kitchen table chairs. I even created a pattern for and sewed the slip covers. Being a Woodworker is my passion, but I believe that everyone should be a Renaissance Man. I can do something of a lot of different things.

This site is a place to display these projects as well as being a portal to my Etsy shop where you can purchase some of these creations.
There is a link to that shop at the top of this webpage as well as right here: JoeBcrafts on Etsy.

Welcome to JoeBcrafts!
Thanks for stopping by.

Joe B